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Several Open Books


Currently, the founder of Bridge Books, author of “Figures of Mankind”, focuses on writing his second book (target publishing october 2020).

So unfortunately, we have at present no processes, team or availability to take submissions.

Feel free to have a look at our mission statement, and if you really wish, send us a very short introductory email of 5-10 lines maximum about your manuscript. You can attach the introduction, the conclusion, and one sample chapter, but please do not send the rest of the manuscript at this stage. Again, please be aware that we are very unlikely to be able to read it before submissions are officially open, in a year or two.

Meanwhile, the best that we can offer is an invitation to contribute to our collaborative “Fireplace Book”. If you wish to share a nice story that presents a part of our world in a charming way, then feel free to send it to our contact email address. The idea is to narrate stories about the world like ocean sailors used to do by the fireplace back home. By “short story”, we mean two to eight pages (500 - 2,000 words).

Please note that your short story submission will be considered as a gift to Bridge Books: there is no commitment from us to publish it; no writing or author payment provided; and we ask you to explicitly mention that whatever related revenues generated will be granted exclusively to Bridge Books. If used, the text might be edited or modified. You will be mentioned either as “author of the short story”, in case of little editing, or as “contributor” if the story is partially or fully reprocessed (with the possibility of not being mentioned if you prefer, of course).

In the long term, our ambition is to read, assess and answer each book submission. This will require an army of readers, so it will not be operational before mid-2021.

We thank you for your interest in the Bridge Books project.

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