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About Bridge Books ®

Bridge Books introduces a new business model in the publishing industry.

Currently, both traditional and internet publishing companies have a similar business model. In a vertically integrated approach and thanks to a complex supply chain organization, they promote a large catalogue of book references. Whereas each customer only buys a few books at a time, this model enables them to generate large volumes of very small sales.

But such a large catalog dilutes the efficiency of the brand. Indeed, the name of the publisher does not guarantee the reader the quality of the book nor its adequacy with his or her expectations.

In the end, in the book industry, the real “brand” is the author’s name. This makes it very difficult for new authors to emerge.

The Bridge Books approach consists in building a high quality brand for a small number of books with a consistent pattern, so that our readers can say:

“If it comes from Bridge Books, then I should read it.”

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