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One step further, together...

The Bridge Books Events


"Think Forward" Seminars


These seminars are dedicated to top executives who wish to take a little time to think forward.

They take place on a very comfortable forty-five feet catamaran, in the Mediterranean.

They leverage the nautical surroundings to inspire serene and fruitful exchanges.

Location: Croatia (Split).

Date: October 2024

Duration: 6 days.

Camp Fire

"Tell A Story" Dinners


Until recently, and as long as we’ve had language, people spent their evenings listening to stories told by each other next to a fireplace which was the only “technology” available to watch. By the sea shore, these tales reflected the experiences of sailors who travelled across the oceans and thus brought back the entire world to the village.

Today, the entire world has become our village. But fireside stories have turned into news - mostly, if not exclusively, bad news. So let's revive the magic. Let's try a "tell a story dinner". Rules are simple: you have to come with a 5-10 minute story to share with the group.

Invent yourself a new life; pick up a tale from your original region; describe an amazing travel experience; make us laugh, cry or dream: tell us a story!

Location: Switzerland (Lausanne)

Date : November 2024


Friends Party

Bridge's Drinks

Let's share a drink together and elaborate from the ideas expressed in Bridge Books. Let's meet, exchange thoughts, and together progress.

Let's build bridges - not walls. 

Location: anywhere!

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