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2021 02 - Book cover page - Le Cri (webs

Le Cri  < The Cry >

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

In search of modern spirituality, the author investigates the inner journey of Christ. He explores the hesitations and the doubts of the One who could not fail and yet who, on the cross, cried out in feelings of abandonment. How did he who incarnated the divine become aware of his own destiny? How did he overcome the dismay that he experienced moments before dying?

His discernment accompanies the questions that come to light in our twenty-first century. In an age of unbridled globalization, artificial intelligence and digitalized social relations, how can one still believe in God? How do we make sense of humanity?

Innovative, sometimes provocative, and yet always respectful of the Texts, the author revisits the foundations of Christian spirituality. He offers a fresh and positive outlook, imbued with a spirit of tolerance. He invites us to experience a renewed sense of wonder.

< Published in French, March 2021 >

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Figures of Mankind

Figures of Mankind is a fascinating, break-through book. A mix between a business case, a tale, and a philosophical essay, it defies genres. It thrives to provide an accurate picture of our world. It explains our situation in this complex fast-changing globalized environment that none of us can escape from.

In contrast to a lecture, the book uses a short and crisp story-telling style that points to some paradoxes that we are not aware of. Why are we assaulted daily by bad news whereas facts prove that our world is doing much better than what we usually think? Why do we feel “somehow uncomfortable” with what is currently going on? And actually, all in all, what is currently going on?

Figures of Mankind will change your vision of our world because most of the figures that it casts are just unbelievable, yet true. It invites us to reconsider our future with a much more positive outlook than what we are usually fed. But this realistic case is also a call for action. There is a beautiful opportunity in our reach, but we have not seized it yet.

Obviously, the adventure starts by reading the book. Then, it will be your call to carry the torch forward and make your own contribution to our common destiny.

Rustic Fireplace

The Fireplace Book

The Fireplace Book is a collaborative book that compiles short stories from multicultural authors and contributors.

It narrates our world like ocean sailors used to do by the fireplace. 

Publishing date: July 2022

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