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P.Y. Rollin

P.Y. Rollin worked for five years in prestigious Big Five consulting firms, before starting his own consulting company, Netpeople, in Paris in 1998. A few years later, he launched a second office in Lausanne (Switzerland), where he still lives. He recently sold his company, which subsequently enabled him time to write his first book.

In “Figures of Mankind”, P.Y. Rollin shares some of the thoughts that he had nurtured from his intense international business and personal experiences. He allows us to explore a realistic yet optimistic outlook on our world and on Humanity. He invites us to take ownership of our destiny.

In "Le Cri", P.Y. Rollin stretches his work further in the fields of philosophy and spirituality. He explores how we can overcome disillusionment and burnout by sustaining a meaningful sense of purpose in our lives.

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